4 pc measuring spoon
4 pc measuring spoon

4 pc measuring spoon


 Set Of 4 Pieces Kitchen Cooking Baking Measuring Spoons Cups - Imperial And Metric Plastic Measuring Spoon Set Measuring Cup Set

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Success in baking and cooking starts with accurate measuring. This Double Side measuring cups and spoons is a practical solution to accurately measure liquids or solids. These 4 measuring cups & Spoon has 1 side spoons and 1 side cups. All have clear markings and labels, enabling you to measure out everything you need i.e. sugar, salt, herbs, liquids for your favorite recipes.4-piece set 4 measuring cups and 4 measuring spoons in different sizes.Measuring cups: 235ml, 120ml, 80ml & 60ml. Measuring spoons

Number of Measuring Cups
  • 4
Sales Package
  • COOK HOUSE Plastic 4 Pcs Double Side Backing Measuring Cups & Spoons Set (Black)