4 pc Dinning set
4 pc Dinning set

4 pc Dinning set

Dining Set 4 Pcs / Pepper & Salt Container with Tray Spice Rack, Masala Box, Spice Box, Masala Rack, Spice Jar, Spice Container 1 Piece Spice Set  (Plastic)

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Spice Jars Dispenser Masala Rack Easy Flow Storage, Box Package Contains 4 Piece of Dining Set Spice Rack Material: ABS Plastic Capacity of 4 Containers: 100 ml Features: -Made up of Clear ABS Plastic Jars having see-through functionality so that you can easily find the contents without opening them. -It can be used as a Pickle Storage jar & Spice Storage Jar. -The whole set of jars well organized, keeps your countertop neat and tidy. -SPACE SAVER, SLIM, AIRTIGHT, MODULAR DESIGN, DISHWASHER SAFE - Remove those bags and boxes of pasta, cookies, chips, baking supplies, etc. and put your ingredients into Modular Containers whose space-efficient design maximizes shelf space. -KEEP YOUR SPICE FRESH - Provided with holed spoons & container lids for easy access also lid keeps your spice fresh and protects your seasoning from dust and bacteria. Note: Color as per availability

  • Type: Spice Set
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable For: Spices, Salt and Pepper, Masala